Replacement for car radio

I am fucking glad I took the subs out of my car. Someone broke into my car and stole every and anything of value, including my radio. Any one have suggestions other than using headphones with an mp3 for a replacement so I can listen to music. I drive for my job. FFFFF boring with no music.


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I am in my car for 30,000 miles a year, music is mandatory for sanities sake. It is a couple years old now, got it when I bought my WRX, but the Alpine series that integrate an Ipod cleanly are some of the best. I use the older model now, the IVA W205 head unit and it has been rock solid. I like that it has decent Ipod interface for music and I rarely look at the Ipod except to change out the music list. Don't really care for the crappy headphone jack style plugins, they work but not the best quality are means to use an Ipod.

Ghetto boombox with power AUX. Buy AC/DC Inverter. BAM GHETTOBOOM BOX ON TEH GO!! But a realistic approach is to just buy a cheap ass check from Bestbuys and have them install it. Find one with an AUX input. If not, get a FM transmitter for your music from an iPod or smart phone.
Alright, since this is PROBABLY going to happen again, I'm just gonna get a cheap radio and have my friend install it and take the face plate off all the time.

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