Reno air race crash 2011


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It's a shame this happened.
10 lives were lost and several in critical conditions and well over 50 injured.
The plane crashed on top of the vip tent.
I am not going to go over the injury details, but it was nasty.

Death toll rises in Nevada air race crash -

Here is one video, there are more on youtube.

My prayers and thoughts are for the lives that were lost.

Now, my personal thoughts are, a 74 year old flying a plane...come on now, they should not be flying anything past 60 honestly.
There are speculation the pilot had a stroke and also there are speculations that there was mechanical failure.

I don't go to air shows, and I personally think they are very dangerous.
We had 2 crashes that happened 3 years ago.
I am against air shows.
If you are going to do them, do it where there is no one around or anywhere even near them.
The airplane type was a P-51.
Why people fly these things is beyond me.
They are risky and they are not 100% safe!

Again, I am not bashing anyone here, these are my personal thoughts.
Air shows are a fun hobby, but the amount of crashes that occurred over the years should send a message to the organization that puts this together.
I hate to see lives lost, it's just painful to watch such thing.


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Yup, its sad for sure =( I'm voluntering here at my base next week to help work a hotdog/hamburg/soda stand so hopefully no F-22 or German Toronado lands on my ass, or I'll be pissed, and posting on the forums up in you know where.
Even more nuts that this happened a couple days later. Couragous that in the pilots last moments he had the thought to turn the plan around and stay away from the stands. Who knows if he could have leveled it out if he hadnt done that last turn to face away from people.... Sad stuff

ice my first reaction was the same, i dont think someone 70 something years old is safe flying a plane no matter how much experience they have. i just know that my reflexes aren't what they were 10-20 years ago. there should be a law to limit the age on when people fly. i feel the same with people driving cars. its not a right, its a privilege!


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I absolutely hate to see this. He was 70 years old and was flying the plane. At some point in your career you should realize that you could be putting not only yourself but others in jeopardy. There is hundreds of more capable pilots who could have done a great job too. On top of it being a P-51 which never really was a stable plane to begin with. Makes me so mad that this whole thing could of been completely averted. Man this hurts.