Recruitment is Open for Battlefield 3!


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CS:Go will not be able to touch BF3 and MW3 success this fall.
Not even if its released next year.
I honestly think this was very bad timing for valve.
What were they thinking is right we all know that the game will not match graphics wise to ethier due to the large sum of money being put into these two but valve really needed to release this game like 6 moths ago while there was still a big gap of time until release. Now they are screwed cuz people dont want to pay for mw3 and BF and go thats a lot of money for consumers to spend on games
if they want cs:go to flourish, they will release late next year.
but no matter when they release it... it will be a HUGE HIT to the fps market.
I know people that dont play computer games... but they play counterstrike, A LOT of people like that, especially from the old net cafe I used to go to.