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Rap/Hip-Hop Thread


those of you who played San Andreas & listened to Playback FM , will reconize this track

those who haven't well you're in for a treat , throwback to the 90s


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IDK about you guys...but this beat is hard. I wish I could find the instrumental on this. But even with the lyrics, it's still tight. This beat goes so tough!


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Don't take me for granted because I'm calm and shit
Cause when I FLIP, I'ma take over the ship
Controllin' this grip with one hand holdin' my Dick
And you try to counter but you're way too late again
See why'all cats know we always play to win

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To anyone that likes rap / hip-hop

You check me and my boy out, we started a group called Krooked Alliance based out of California
Don't judge just yet...we got skills. Atleast take a listen :) tell me what u guys think...u should check out "Feel Me" first, im on the 1st verse, vega on second..

TheKrookedAlliance's Channel - YouTube

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Good stuff. I like the Krooked Alliance stuff too.This is all I got: