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Don't worry too much about it, Bro. I've raged, played shit-faced and often made a complete ass of myself. I can't even tell you how many times I've felt bad about stupid shit getting to mea and saying or doing stupid shit. But you know what? I did what you're doing right now. I came to the forums and I talked about it. I opened my heart and shared my feelings and just got it all off my chest. And do you know what I learned? That talking about it with these little douchebags I was so worried about offending, upsetting, or pissing off is a complete waste of time because they're going to do the same damn thing that you're feeling all bad about. They're going to do it to you. By choice. They'll single you out from the herd and tear into your flesh like it's made of mashed potatoes and gravy. It's the Circle of Life, Man. And within that Circle of Life are a bunch of assholes running amuck with their genitals flapping in the breeze. It's really a beautiful thing if you stop to think about it...well, not the genitalia part but The Circle of Life part. Hey, you know what? Now you're an asshole too. Welcome to The Circle of Life, Man. We're glad you could make it. BTW, I rage quit tonight. I did. And I don't regret it one bit. In fact, it feels pretty good to get some air down there.:barefoot:
yeah he was raging on Xplicit, which was funny. Xplicit was laughing hard and wanted to talk to you on the mic, but he is banned from the mic due to his age. xplicit is my son and he just turned 15 yesterday,the 9th. so please mess with him, i do all the time and dont feel bad about it. what dont kill you, builds character.


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i try not to rage - tho, i have called a few people out... respectfully lol... in fact, you can tell i'm not happy (usually) when my mic's completely quiet. i think i went 8 and 30 over the course of two maps last night... i was so very, very unhappy... a quick trip to the smoke room and a change of game and everything was copacetic again :cool:

el jorge loco

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You know I've played with Xplicit. He's not too bad of a player, but now that I know he is your son, I will give him more friendly shit. :)

While I don't smoke, or condone the use of drugs to make you feel better, built has the right idea, not your moment? Get off the server, go play something mindless that won't make you mad or a game where you can just turn on console god mode and start ripping through piles of zombies....
The most of my rage tends to be a remark on someone doing something stupid. Like ignoring when a bomb site is called or something.

I understand how frustrating this shit can be. As long as it doesn't get personal or out of hand. It's just a part of the game I think.


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I usually only rage when teams are unfair. Like CT win 1, T win 15 and of course I'm on CT getting rushed from every direction, broke and just building rage every round. Then again, I also rage when certain days I just cannot hit anything at all! I can't even kill a guy sitting still looking the other way, he just turns around and of course gets an insta headshot on me. But the next day or even map I feel like I have aimbot and cant miss a persons head. haha