Raging on CSS

Hey all. I just wanted to clear up a few things about raging on css.

When i rage on css (75% of the time i play) I often say "bad" things.

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that I dont mean any of those things. We all say things when we are mad and when i say such things it is in the same manner. I love all u guys/gals(no homo) and I dont mean to hurt any of your feelings. Its all in good fun and I hope i havent upset any of you. I dont know why i have been raging so much lately but now that i look back at it...it just seems really stupid.

We are a community after all and that means we support each other through thick and thin.


el jorge loco

Staff member
The best thing to do is that if you get hella mad don't scream it over mic unless it's something constructive (i.e., stop blocking, stop teamflashing, etc.)

If it's gonna be something derogatory or racist, don't hold down the mic button, and don't type it down as fast as you can. Swearing is fine, shit happens.

I think most folks who play with me know that I can get mad sometimes, but I can also be downright bubbly. :)


The 47 Ronin
Lol well this is another reason why i dont use the mic and type out my rage since lot of ppl dont read the chat XD

Im sorry too if i call the team noobs, fags, etc no hard feelings just certain individuals tend to do things stupid or not helping the team in general.
I usually will leave when i start to rage alot cool off at some GG or Bhop servers or even get off CSS and play LoL or Wc3 XD
well i threw my phone against the wall and cracked the screen so i think im on the same level as that kid...i dont rage otherwise....just css and computer related bs. im a pretty nice person otherwise lol.