GTX 580 I have none of the issues that Space has. No flicker or texture load problems.

The good: Yes the game is pretty? Yes. Is it the next gen? For consoles yes, for comps no. Did ID make a good looking game that runs smooth? Yes for consoles. Does the good out way the bad? N.O.

First, I bought this game. If I could return it I would. If game developers like ID build something into the game and I go to access it during the game and it prompts me with "You will need to purchase this 'so-and-so' to continue with this part of the game. WHAT THE FUCK DID I PURCHASE!? I just spent 60 dollars on a game that's asking me to by more on the first fucking day of playing. If ID builds a sewer access and then asks me to buy more then WHY DID THEY BUILD IT INTO THE GAME!? They ruined it for me. In fact, at this point I'm never going to purchase another ID game again. They have lost my business forever. This is not just an addon. This is like saying in CSS: You can't go to Bombsite B because we are going to charge you X more dollars. Yes, you can see in, yes people hint that it's there. BUT WHEN DO I EXACTLY GO TO BOMSITE B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? Never unless my $60 dollar shit in the toilet turns into a 100 dollar shit cause the toilet clogged and I KEPT ON FLUSHING.

Okay, now if you feel like getting cheating:

Poor mechanics. Built for console not for PC. Pretty game if viewed from a telescope (mega textures up close=fail). Story? Don't bother Astroid hits earth, no mystery, battle for survival. This is not borderlands nor a substitute. There are NO, I repeat NO RPG elements whatsoever. This is a GO to here, do THIS FPS. THIS IS NOT AN RPG FPS.

I would say pirate this one or play at a friends but it ain't worth the purchase. It's literally worth $20 or less.

Side note: A big F U ID software for ruining the business you were once were at the top of.

To the review: It handles like a console on a PC and there are no RPG elements besides: here's a mission do it; which becomes a chore and not a reward. The graphics are pretty only far away and textures are bad up close. The story or lack there of is a drag. Overall 5 out of 10. It's nothing new in the "wasteland" genre, it's definitely nothing new in the FPS genre and if it were in the RPG category it would be a 1.

This in not anywhere near borderlands. If you didn't like borderlands you certainly won't like this. Wait until borderlands 2 comes for a real FPS RPG.


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whoa didnt see that coming. but thanks for the input. maybe itll get a rent from me for ps3 then. and yes im most def waiting for borderlands 2. but that can wait cause the thing im most excited about is skyrim in nov! already paid off too.