A few photos from the last few weeks! Been winning some trophys and making a name for myself! Need a 47R decal for the side of the bike!



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Looks like a ton of fun, Mac! Kind of jealous, though I have spent all my life rding dirt, tossing down my knees with some leathers and a well tuned street bike sounds like good times.

Trak when your ready we can go hit up the tracK! Or if you wanna go do some dirt u can school me at holister or metcalf!

Yes Racing is dangerous and i hope to have a long and prosperous career at it but you can never ignore the dangers, the minute you stop respecting them is the minute you dont come home in one piece.

Built, thanks buddy, its takes some time but once you got it, got it! Alot of those turns where i got my knee down are at about 110mph in turn 2 and 7. The others are at about 90mph in turns 4 and 10!

Not to bad for a Fat lazy eye jew :D