Quick way to make money?

el jorge loco

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Well, how long do you have? Because that helps. In any case, I can give you pretty generic ways to get a decent paying job if you can't get one for what you know now.

(1) If you just need a day-in-day job only for the money, seek temp work.
(2) Find a career path, less pay but overall better pay hopefully.
(3) Join the army. Donkey did. ahahaha
yea im looking for a temp job.
i was thinking of designing flash websites for money. flat $10 rate. also i was gonna write my own flash forum tech that could be easily deployed on any website html/flash. not sure how many ppl would wanna buy it tho...
Anybody know a quick and legitimate way to make money. Dont say anything sexual...im serious about this. Im looking for some kind of online job like data entry or something. dont care how mundane it is.

Hi if you have some basic knowledge in surfing then its enough to earn enough money online.Here i list out some ways to make money online .They are
Paid Writing
Buying/Selling domains
Online Marketing
Virtual Assistant
Stock/forex trading
Medical Transcription
Among the above i am doing reseller business to earn money online.Reseller is nothing but selling products or services of others by fixing high rate and earning money by getting commotion from them .For this we need to have reseller account .To get reseller account visit Goresellers.com here they provide two reseller plan Basic reseller and Pro reseller .You can choose one among them and start selling Domain ,Web hosting plans,SSL etc at higher rates and earn money . I hope it will be helpful to you...............


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