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Question for you car guys regarding repairs


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So, I'm shamefully clueless about cars in general. I can put gas in them and I use mine to get to work, that's about it.

My grandma passed earlier this year and since my Corolla is 19 years old, I was given her 2005 Chevy Malibu as an "upgrade." :) I'm still debating on which I'd prefer to keep. Anywho, my grandma had munched the door, I believe on a pole in a parking lot (not her cause of death, haha).

I have no clue what it might cost to have this fixed, but I really don't want to drive it around with everyone thinking I did it. :p I've seen cheap kits to remove dents, but this looks to be quite a bit more than a little dent.
Curious on your thoughts of 1) attempting DIY to some degree and 2) what you think is reasonable to have it fixed. Doesn't even have to be a "like it never happened" degree. :p
If it's a few hundred bucks, I wouldn't think twice. If it's over 1k, I don't think I want to put much more into it.


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That should buff right out with a rubbing compound :> Ding King! just j/k. To me, that's a big DIY job. I would go to a body shop and get an estimate. If you don't want to go that route, thousands of DIY vid's in youtube. You will need tools. If you are discouraged, just live with it. You don't see it getting into the car, you don't see it while driving, it does not affect performance, and it's a conversational piece! Put many of those bullet-hole stickers to show them you gangsta.
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The 47 Ronin
accept that it doesn't matter what other people think. drive it as-is. its a 12-yr old car... its bound to have some battle scars! plus, you'll worry about it less, lol.


The 47 Ronin
I kind of expected one of you to be a Macgyver of cars and say, "I could restore that with a piece of gum and a q-tip." That would've fit my budget anyway. :p


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I would personally drive it till it dies in the condition you received it in. If you are so inclined to spend the money to get it "right", I would just get a local auto salvage to get you a same color and model year door from a car that was hit on the opposite side :-P This is usually a fairly cheap cost as compared to paying a shop to repair that kind of damage, it will be pretty expensive, far more than it is worth tossing into a twelve year old car.