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The 47 Ronin
almost loooked like they were holding hands when I opened the page I was about to say holy shitballs russia is gay.

el jorge loco

Staff member
Well the reason for this is this:

Russia's Legislative body amended their Constitution to change Presidential terms from 4 to 6, so TECHNICALLY under this plan, Putin can still do 4 more years. However, I'm sure he will become Tsar Putin I. Or something like that.

I love it when politicians who go to one chair (i.e., prime minister) from one chair, and then go back to that chair because a change in the law that they probably got passed.

All hail the Great Nation of Russia and The Putin!


But in all honesty, hes been the president the past 4 (or has it only been 3?) years anyways. Its the worst kept secret on earth that Medvedev is a puppet.


The 47 Ronin
Sadly we all now witness the third emperor of russia.. tsar putin.. following the footsteps of stalin.. and lenin....dark days are ahead my friends.. keeps your swords close... a weak america is not what we need now...trust me on this one....


anyone else notice he has dead eyes? i swear his one of the most cold blooded cats out there. i sure wouldn't cross him. the last guy who did died of radioactive poisoning. i mean, he probably could have sent a couple of assassins to kill him but that would have been an easy death. why not a slow and painful death as an example? like i said, cold...!

Captain Cap

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The crowd seems very happy for him, so I am very happy for him. They probably gassed the room though to make everyone loopy.

el jorge loco

Staff member
Hah, no Putin, as most of you know, was former KGB. So that answers dead-eyes and the crowd cheering him.

If the crowd didn't cheer, they'd all be taken away to a Siberian Gulag.