Pure3ify Application


The 47 Ronin
Fuzion you know I love you man, almost in a semi-bro-homance way. I honestly respect you not only as an American citizen who is doing your duty and willing to go above and beyond that clarion call. But I also think you're just this awesome guy who would be just cool to hang with all day doing stupid shit or intelligent shit.
Haha, semi-bro-homance, nice. Thanks man, its because of people like u I that I enjoy this community and Chillin with people on the forums and playin games with everyone. I hope we all get to chill someday and go to the bar! First rounds on me!
+10 for pure3ify! He is an awesome guy. I always like to see him on. Dosnt really get mad even when hes losing (sometimes even the best of us do that!) and is always a team player.


Staff member
Application approved.
Please stay active on forums and servers all times.
If you are going to be afk for a while please post in the private forums (LOA section).

Please contact Nutbutter on steam and add me to friends: and_pilot .