Hiya! I'm Andrew.. some people call me Old English because I'm English and drink a lot of O.E. CS:S and Music are my addictions. I smoke too many cigs, I drink far too often and I like to push people buttons to see their reactions. I'm very sarcastic and sometime people take me far too seriously. I tend to have anger problems when I get killed out of someone else's "luck". I get accused of hacking all the time even though I don't even have the slightest idea on HOW to.. I find it quite amusing. I hate the word "noob", it's way to overused. I prefer the term "you suck". :D oh and I ramble on all the time and forget what I was even talking about in the first place.. ^.^
Yeah.. I keep a good eye on radar so I don't get blocked too often, but it doesn't piss me off too much when that happens.. sometime's it's unavoidable! And yes, actually. I'm gunna go make a pot of tea now! Thanks for the reminder. ~.^