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Project Typhon

Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
This is a place holder for my final project

I look forward to sharing this journey into the extreme.

There will be a naked Ivy, custom paint and a great deal of trial and error.

When finished I will submit the build for rig of the month at Guru3D.

I will do in line updates to the build because if I kept editing the first post with everything I will be doing it would be remarkably long.

All the parts should be in by the 14th.

First things to be done will be fan painting loop planning and mounting of hardware for water cooling.

Next will be a rig teardown, cleaning and painting of the mobo and sound card.

Followed by water block install and mounting of naked Ivy kit.

Because everything will be dye mounted on perfectly flat polished copper I will work for the thinnest possible layer of MX4 on all applications.

I hope whoever reads this will enjoy the following posts.

I estimate about 20 hours of work.

The following post will detail all hardware for the entire build with links to retailers.

Happy modding!

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Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
Case arrived today... Time to take it apart for painting!

Broken down and masked

Everything is going to be painted flat black

Accents on mobo and tubing will be white

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Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
My bank account is below my magic number and I think I will get the effect I am looking for with a $7.00 can of spray paint. I really didn't consider powder coating, after seeing what I would have to do to get off the rest of the case I just decided to mask it. When I finish with this I'll post what it looks like after two coats.

T_T''' I need to lie down before I go to work... So it will be sometime tomorrow afternoon when I post the pictures... It looks nice and flat now.. I'm happy with it

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The 47 Ronin
Those promchill white tubing looked really nice with the black background.
I knew cause i just installed it :) Still waiting for my Classy...

Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
I hope that I will have a better idea for plumbing when I get everything in... Right now I think I will need two right angle fittings to get the look I want... One to plumb the top rad from the pump and the second from the front rad to the rez...

I've read that they are a no no... But my pump should be able to handle it very well if there are only two... I've seen setups that have them all over the place and they still get good temps... Here are some loops I have looked at

I'm planning on this order pump-top rad - cpu - parallel gpu -front rad - rez- pump... That will be the most clean loop with no sweeping loops...

90 fitting into top rad.. 45 fitting to 45 fitting on cpu... 45 fitting to 45 fitting gpu.. Straight fittings to front rad and 90 to rez...

Adapter Bitspower G 1/4" Black Sparkle 90 Degree IG 1/4" Adapter Products Model: BP-BSWP-C39 [BP-BSWP-C39] : Performance-PCs.com, ... sleeve it and they will come

Scratching my head on this one...

Here are a few loops I have looked at

I like the first one the best so far...

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