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I found out the day after Christmas my friend from high school had just lost his 21 year old son to cancer. His son was diagnosed close to the same time that my mother who is 70 got diagnosed with cancer. 2 and a half years later my mother is cancer free and his son is dead. Really put life in perspective for me for him to lose his first born son and for my mother of 70 years to be still alive and cancer free! I feel so bad for my friend and for his loss... if you knew him he would be the last guy you would ever want this to happen to. If you pray or dont pray, which I quit doing a long time ago, pray for this friend of mine and his family even if you don't believe in that... i still did say a prayer for him. I know many of you have kids too and couldn't imagine losing them in your life time..... no parent should ever have to bury there child! RIP Cody Monday!