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Power Outages South West

Captain Cap

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LOLOLOL. South OC was so angry at this. I was at Fashion Island today going up to girls going "hey whats up?" and getting 100% ignored, not even a little eye contact. This occurred as a result of the bitchiness/stuckupness of the women down there.


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Yup. I was sitting in the dark for most of the afternoon/night. Went to the local liquor store to pick up some hooch and they had already sold out of Ice. Also, it was hotter than hell which made the whole experience much more enjoyable. /sarcasm

Edit: I forgot to mention, I didn't get to watch the first regular season game. Super raged right now.


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The 47 Ronin
my power just came back up literally jus now. jakeypoo is here. we bought some beer at a liquor store and yeah like sakin said no luck finding any ice. but its all good now. we just sat in the street smoking hookah with a candle near us lol!

edit: oh and yeah im pretty pissed we didnt get to see the game either!

el jorge loco

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Lol, glad to be in NorCal - The weather is a cool 65 in the sun, 60 in the shade, 55 or so under the shadow fog. :)

Hooch?! Where?!


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How about Cali makes all its own energy instead of buying Arizona's. Oh wait, that will hurt a fish or owl or something...can't have the environment damaged. LOL enviro policy!