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This is disgusting.
I am getting 5 megs less!
My service supposed to be 24/3
I am getting 19/3!

After working for an ISP for 2 years, they could care less about those 5 megs. Every marketing material they send out is "Up to quoted speed". Between line loss and server activity, thats pretty decent for a cable provider(i assume, or dsl?)

~1400 miles to the server:

I pay 50$ a month, and the advertised speed is 50meg down 10 meg up.


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$50 for 50mb?? Wow, that's nice. I mean, if you actually get near that speed. We just upgraded to 50mb w/ Comcast (business) for $190/mo. It'll actually hit 50+ as my pic shows a few posts up, but my current router seems to slow it down to the 30s right now. :| Gotta replace that bottleneck. Curious if you try plugging in directly to the modem, if that happens to be your case as well.