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I currently go to University of Washington. I'm double majoring in Biology and Biochemistry. And I picked up a Chemistry minor because it was easy/convenient/only required one more class, haha.
Boise State University - 5th year - Major: Applied Mathematics - Minor: Computer Science - GPA: 3.265

Couldn't ask for anything better! Well... less loans maybe.


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I never thought about college or highschool, all I did was try to get laid/high and play music. Landed a job doing graphic design. Considering School... Don't really know..

el jorge loco

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Yarr all I have to say about future prospects is this:

Universities are typically there for those who want the degrees required to move up (unless they start their own business successfully). It's not guaranteed success, but it's like buying insurance.

If you find that you are in a position that allows for good promotion in the field of your interest, spending money on university is not necessary. Besides, school will always be there to be fair. A few folks still have good jobs (non-heavy labor based) without having a college degree. However, when something happens with that source of employment, and without excellent to stellar recommendations, employers will look down upon those who did not graduate from, at the very least, a technical school. And honestly, that's a poor system to look at it if a potential employee's only reason for being unemployed is because of the market, not because of lack of skill or lack of interest in the work.
Yarr, as further support for what jorge said. My ex-step-dad used to work as a recruiter/headhunter for Countrywide insurance. He is fucking good at it, seriously amazing. He'd be making a base salary of like $20k, and manage to make $180k in commission. He was one of their best regionally. Some retard decided that because he didn't have a college degree (he dropped out of trade school and found this job) that when the housing bubble burst (2008-2009?) that they needed to let him go first.

He has had serious trouble getting back on his feet and was literally 2 days away from having his house repossessed. He found a nice job (June 2011, long gap on unemployment, haha) with Farmers insurance and the bank let him keep his job. edit: let him keep his house, haha, house*

Lesson: if you're skilled, you can make bank. Don't be surprised if your company lets you go for not being formally educated to their standards (my ex step dad was working for Countrywide for about 7 or 8 years and was one of their best too, sucks).

I'm taking the safe route and am going to work as a pharmacist, a non-labor intensive job that I can find in ANY community and can probably hold until my faculties go, at which point I wouldn't even want to live anymore. Any degree, even an AA can help out a lot.