Post your school

School is starting up. I get to laugh at friends on the semester system. Let's hear what schools you guys are going to (or went to, for the older gents), your major, and your class.

I'm going to UCI, Chemistry w/ conc: biochem, C/O 13.
CalPoly San Luis Obispo or CalPoly SLO. entering sophmore year for B.S. in Computer Engineering although I will probably be switching to Computer Science soon!


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hmm i went to Minnesota State Mankato for 2 years and got NOTHING done. :D yay for NOTHING yay!
now im going for something a little more.... hmm how shall i say this... fun?


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ROFL Captain!!! Yes, I had humble beginnings. How'd you get a hold of my other diploma? Nice one. I luv you (homo all the way).
My friends illegal friends Juan, Maria, and Benedict use your other diploma to get jobs as Technical Managers. We found it in the trash can on the Devry campus.