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I like the power saving features. It's actually kinda nice that I can keep them on. I never used them on the i7 920. It keeps the CPU pretty cool when not at full power.
For sure, i turn them all off for OCing and Stress testing. Once im stable i turn them all back on for powersaving benifets.


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I just figured out why I couldn't hit 1600 on my tri-channel. Derp, because by default it was being under powered. Two years of under performance, I don't know why I didn't think of it, my old computer had the same problem but I figured it out right away. I had convinced myself I had 1333 ram. This isnt my upper limit but I'm in the middle of finding my new upper limit. My old one was 3.5, my temps are a little high, I think I need to re-do my paste.



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lol i hit the bsod like 3 times before i got the settings right :p

edit: i ended up backing down to 4.08ghz anyway for a couple diff reasons. i just wanted to see how high i could get stable but yeah anyway thats still plenty for me. haha.