Post your gaming rigs pictures!

Haha thanks, in that case..

The computer is probley around now a days I wanna say 1500$ including the monitor/keyboard/mouse.

Desk ~ 80-100$ if u assemble it yourself (which is what I did) from Staples
Daylight Lamp ~ 30$ @ Lowe's
Flag ~ 20$ Online, but i bought mine at a merchant on base that was sellin them.
Lava lamp ~ 20$
Chair ~ 200$ from Staples. I Bought the one on display so I got it for 150$
Calendar ~ 30$ from staples as well.
Picture frame is like 5$ from walmart.
Pencil/pen holder ~ 10$, its got a built in swivel as well, pretty sick.
floor matt ~ 30$

so like 1900 for the whole setup?
man I cannot find that damned desk on staples website, I want it soo bad!


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I7 920
2x HD5870s (one 1gb & one 2gb)
DFI lanparty mobo
120 gb SSD and 1 TB HDD
Razer KB/mouse/pad
Sennheiser HD555 headphones.

They had a promotion with facebook where you get a free mousepad for spreading the news. It's the guy checking /b/, seeing boxxy, racing at seeing boxxy.

You just upload whatever pic you want on your mousepad. I love it. Good gift idea too. You can get someone a BBC mousepad.


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Here is mine, though I'm pretty sure civil and I are using the same system, just different set-up and configs
Pretty neat system 'Loco. What you doing? Plotting Acceleration ( Velocity vs Time )? Says free fall. I guess that would be g = 9.8m/s^2 then. I used to like playing Arkanoid on early Apple PC's.