Post your gaming rigs pictures!

build's all done!


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the card swap:

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all done and running:

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with lighting:

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from the back:

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oh and, the tower actually sits below desk level in its cubby, but i had it on the desk for ease of access while i was working out the kinks :cool:
If that is actually a BackTrack Linux distro there... I...... Love you man.
Also what case is that? It looks like a CoolerMaster HAF but with blue lights :0
Unfortunately I have to -10 points for the Radeon card :(

fAt Kaka

The 47 Ronin
Question for experienced builders: do you see that power supply cable that runs "under" my graphic card? it's wedged in a little space of the card, there is plenty of room to fit it, but, it's really close to the mobo (not touching), will that cause me problems later?


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A 'rubber' wire is touching the mobo? As long as its non conductive, your fine..

Interesting heatsink you have there..

EDIT: I have the 800W Silent Pro Gold, and I have had zero issues with it for over 2 years, good purchase.