Post your BF3 Origin Username!


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Grego: gregomyeggo
Sakin: SakinPB

Nutbutter: Nutbutter
Ghonzo: Ghonzo
Dickfor: D1ckfor.
Saint: Saint025
ZoopityDoopity: ZoopityDoopity
awoll: iamawoll
FuZion: UltimaFuz
Surrender: Surrender619
rev: revnastyy
Suicide George: Djdouge
SupremeGunman: SupremeGunman
XhadoZero: XhadoZero
Haze: Haze202
superiorfire: superiorfire
Iplay: Iplaytokill
Albacore: Allbacore
The Hamburglar: BurglarOfHams
Space Cowboy: yobwocecaps
Triage: DaTriage
Born2Lose: SuicideMachines
r3vnger: r3vnger
Snowman: 47RoninSnowman
-L-: Xellece
Powda: xxxpowdaxxx

when I go to register and put my email in, it redirects me to the home page, and when I click the login button it redirects me to the home page.. so idk what the hell is going on