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Populate the Damn Server

Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
I am terrified that our server could drop out of relevance with our pubbers.... I'm willing to not play any other games and idle our pub to get it going from here and on out... What is happening?!


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These last couple months get pretty busy for those in school, finals and graduations. We always seem to get a lull this time of the year and as folks settle into the Summer swing, it starts picking up once again.


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excuses excuses.... i don't mind idleing in the server when someone sends me a message, im busy with my ESO guild, but i still don't mind atleast making it look like its populated. most schools are done right now, and there is a certain rotation for those who get done with, and those who are just finishing with finals. if you look in the server stats, this time of year population doesn't correspond with past i promise

Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
Well I got on today at about 10:25pm EST and it was empty. I would get a couple people to join but they would leave after a few rounds because they couldn't get a kill... Teehee... Anyways I ended up with about 12 people playing, all who I have never seen before.

I hope someone can get it going well before I get on at about 10:00 EST... On my mobile device right now so I can't see if it is going well...