Poll Question, switching web providers..

What should we do?

  • Stay with current host (slow)

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What should we do?
I want to go to a different web hosting company.
Don't worry we won't lose our database...
Lunarpages is dreadful, 500-600 websites loaded on a machine.
We have 1 more week left ( money back period)
Basically its before this Friday.


The 47 Ronin
Hey Ice, do you have any idea what kind of average bandwidth is used on a monthly basis for the web host account? cPanel should show a Monthly Bandwidth Transfer amount. I'm just curious in case I might be able to help out.

Blood Fiend

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well, was NFO's slow support bad? was there alot of things you needed support for? or are you refering to updates and such? Seems to me that each and every provider has its pros and cons. It's just to pick the lesser evil


The 47 Ronin
Ice, if you want to test out HostGator, I could set you up with an account, provided the site doesn't need too much in storage space. It'd be on a shared server though, so you might run into the same issues, but I've been fairly happy with them so far. My sites have all been small and rarely visited though, so it'd be interesting to see them suspend me for abuse of cpu or other resources. ha