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Request Unban Please Unban me

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In Game Nickname: Angbata
Date Banned: 1/2/2016
GAME server i was banned from: CS:S
STEAM ID: atenista
Reason of ban: I typed "speed.toggle" on console.
Admin that banned you: I have no idea
Why we should unban you: Because I had no idea what I was typing. I thought it was to make my reload animation faster? lol, Some guy in the server just told me to type it and voila! I was banned from the server and here I am with a newly created account just to make you unban me... I'm a PH player so there are only a couple of servers my ping is acceptable on. So please unban me. I just play casually.


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Please don't type stupid things like speed.toggle our SM Ban will ban you for it for future reference...
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