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Please Unban me(X_ELiT3[U MAD BRO?])

In Game Nickname: X_ELiT3[U MAD BRO?]
Date Banned: I don't know
Game Server that you were banned from: (CS:GO)
STEAM ID: (STEAM_0:0:28370495)
Reason of ban: I don't know
Admin that banned you: I don't know
Why we should unban you: I would like to play on west coast server with low ping and enjoy playing video game. Please unban me. I would follow and enforce laws of your server.

Thank You


A Stable Carbocation

Staff member
It was probably murkcity, and it was probably so long ago he doesn't remember. I will ask him next time he is on.

In the meantime, care to fill us in on what happened? Ignoring admins is pretty serious when we don't have a crap ton of rules in the server anyway.