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  • Subject to Change

    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • Bearfoot Army

    Votes: 2 10.5%
  • Latter Day Taints

    Votes: 9 47.4%
  • Pope Hat

    Votes: 3 15.8%
  • other

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My band has had tons of trouble coming up with a band name we can agree on. Anyone have suggestions on what we have or think any of them are crap?

Currently, because we can't decide, we are Subject to Chance. Bearfoot Army, Latter Day Taints, and Pope Hat have all been suggested. Any thoughts? (and haha, please dont steal LTT or PH, i will hate you forever)

civil servant

The 47 Ronin
Latter Day Taints is pretty awesome. Yes, I have my reasons for saying so.

Otherwise I'd go with Poopin' in the Pope's Hat or Who Farted in the Popemobile.

No need to thank me.


The 47 Ronin
LOL, dude, pope hat is so good.

"dude have you ever listen'd to pope hat?"
"Nope, who da fuk is pope hat?"
"Dude...*throws in pope hat"

Totally sticks, I would never forget the name XD and everytime I see the pope on Tv I would have to think of the band, and just think of the album cover loool, you could come up with some funny shit.

el jorge loco

Staff member
Everytime I think Mormons, Mitt Romney, States that don't support drinking, Warren Jeffs, Polygamy, I will think "Latter Day Taints" ahaha
I recomend "Old people fucking" and here's why:

Person 1: what music do you like to listen to?
Person 2: well I really love to listen to old people fucking
Person 1: You need help.