Please help in Overwatch.... :(


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Please help, still newish... I am trying to get decent experience before finishing my Competitive Matches for placement, I am solo'ing and its HORRIBLE... most don't have mics, don't work together, randomly run off, superman and die ahead of the group, trickle in.. etc..... it's like L4D days all over again... I know I'm new at this.. but for the love of Jebus.. HEEEEEEEELP!!!



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Sadly, the pub games go that way far too often. As you gain ranks the games get better but still, not a very organized group. I still am playing the regular games as I am only level 50 and want to get a bit higher before hitting competitive matches. All you can do is grab a class that can support the folks that are trying to win and try getting the folks that are not helping out to get their shit together. Some will listen many will not, rinse and repeat.


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just hit vet 1 lvl 2,, and I noticed a big drop off in playing with plebs, for the most part people will switch around there classes if the comp isn't right- brighter days ahead :D