Pick a sense.


The 47 Ronin
I would go with sight, because then I could be the next daredevil. Also I would like to point out, that the movie Daredevil was not that good.
you can grab boobies and be like, oh sorry, and what are they gonna do? just go to new york city and be like grope grope grope grope grope grope, whoops thats a guy, grope grope grope grope grope


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I would rather go without hearing because when i am still able to touch, i can still work freelance online to earn money and helping people even though i cannot communicate with people at all in real life. But online does not require any hearing so ya. And sight to me is the most important without sight you can't do anything.
I initially thought it would be an easy choice...touch. But now that I think of it I think I'd rather loose hearing. Would be very sad though since I really love music.