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perma banned?


The 47 Ronin
I'm all for giving people multiple chances, and I always make a point of doing so. Maybe you've had a rough day and you say something stupid, or maybe you're drunk, who knows. People don't appreciate the fact that running the server the way I do when I'm on is actually a lot of work, and deliberately provoking me isn't a particularly bright idea. Save for hackers, I'll type/silence/kick people as warnings, but the number of warnings you get depends on how provocative you're being. When a guy is literally typing out a bunch of shit after every kill he makes, then trash talking the admin directly, he's not going to get as many chances as someone in a lesser hypothetical.
This person was contributing nothing to the server but negativity, pissing the people off around him, flooding the chat with spam, causing people to argue with him, and making my job more difficult because I had to deal with people complaining about him. Then he started going at me directly after I kicked him as a warning. He deserves to be banned for it, but he came to appeal, so I guess people here have a decision to make. I gave my side of what happened, and told everyone what I directly experienced, so I have nothing left to say on the subject.