PC supasses Console

I'm good with consoles. I don't know how to build PC's nor know how to deal with issues that arise with them, and most of my friends play on consoles anyway so why bother for me. Aside from Team Fortress 2 I'm also not really interested in too many of the exclusives for PC aside from Amnesia: The Dark Descent which looks amazing.

el jorge loco

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I'll be the first to admit my first console was the Sega Genesis. I had some laughs on that, but my parents never bought me another console system again. Frankly, it didn't matter, because they spent their money on getting me new gaming rigs every few years ahahaha.
ive always been a pc gamer at heart since i got the original command and conquer on pc back in the day. i own an xbox now, and i use it for netflix and bad company 2 mostly. i occasionally will play a random rpg on it, which i for the most part enjoy. i believe fps belongs on pc period. anything 3rd person is acceptable to me on console but for the most part i refuse fps. all in all, pc is ultimate in every way shape and form. that is, if you know how to wield one ;)


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Pc gaming has always been far superior. But expensive. Console gaming has always lacked quality in my Opinion.
It's actually fun having able to customize your own PC gaming rig. Most of all, PC can be used for other computing chores besides just for gaming.


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Im a PC guy since i first had my N64 and my good old Win 95 XD always preferred my Win 95 over my N64 :p

+1 to Hannah and SG good points and i hate having to listen to stupid fucks trolling in fps games and kids screaming... then again same for PC games except i can mute those idiots :D