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Path of Exile


The 47 Ronin
Has anybody heard about it? Third party successor to Diablo 2. Made for people who quit D3.
I decided to buy their $10 closed beta key and try this game out, A LOT of fun especially after playing Diablo 3 and its developed by like a 10 man team in Australia or something. For anyone interested in these types of games ill list some of the best features.

-Skill tree is massive, at first it seems almost overwhelming and you might need to make the same character a couple times to perfect your build since you cant really respec.

-Has different ladders(leagues) you can play in such as hardcore, hardcore race, normal ladder, cut throat (you can pvp with anyone and when you kill them their gear drops on the ground and you take some of their exp)

-no auction house, some people might see this as a negative but very positive in my opinion

-developers always post on the forums and actually listen to userbase about what needs to be nerfed, added, fixed, ect

- 7 classes

-Will be free to play at Jan 23rd I think.

I could go on but overall I highly recommend this game especially if you like Diablo 2


The 47 Ronin
I'm a lvl 39 Ranger on Cruel difficulty if anyone is around my level feel free to add me so we can level/farm and do cruel together