Pandora Hearts


I just recently re-watched this series and started on the manga since the anime ended at 25 episodes. The storyline is so confusing! I just want to connect all the pieces of the story already :(

Also, Lacie is such a beautiful melody :)



The 47 Ronin
Watched the anime and reading the manga and all i gotta say is i love this!! :D

Although i hope they make a 2nd season for the anime
Omg Tsubasa Chronicles was good too! I wouldn't mind watching that again. Why must you do this to me Jenn! I'm already backed up on a lot of anime already. I don't have time to go back and visit awesome old stuff :(
Haha, I'm sorry! I'm just all out of anime to watch so I AM re-watching the oldies! I just started Ao no Exorcist because I saw it on your list, I'm hooked! I finished all 17 episodes from 10pm-5am lmfao~
Ao no Exorcist is good huh?! I was hooked too when I first started watching. I had it on my list of "must watch" anime and a friend told me to quit lagging and watch it. I can't thank him enough that he told me to just watch it already. Sooo goood!