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Overwatch Highlight Thread


The 47 Ronin
Comon guys post you're highlights!!!

Today for me was one of those mei days where my comp team wouldnt stop asking me to play mei I also annoyed the enemy where they had to ask me what my accuracy was with her...



The 47 Ronin
I'm starting to put more time into McCree and moments like these are making him fun



The 47 Ronin
@-L- are you recording with fraps? If not what other program are you using to record the match?
OBS studio for highlights, anything past that i use regular obs to stream to twitch.tv and keep a record through there. (the settings for recording and streaming are different so i just use the two programs so i dont have to keep swapping profiles...)

the last recording however was me using a window capture of the video saved from "facebook live" stream... The quality sucked....

settings for obs studio for highlight recording

settings for obs regular for streaming

@FuZion i think you might be interested in these settings for your stream
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