Online buying


The 47 Ronin
Ok so I'm super cautious when it comes to online buying from sites such as amazon and ebay.

This year I'm considering it for the money saving attributes.

Things that concern me.
Getting screwed over.
When do I get charged.
How do I know if the guy actually sent it to me or not.

Just kinda cautious any tips on things i should be aware of?


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Usually ebay and amazon protects their buyers very well.
If I buy something online I usually use my AMEX card because its very reliable and secure and their claims department is the best!
Also AMEX adds their warranty on products that you buy that's amazing.
Most credit card and banks do protect their buyers, so I wouldn't worry much about it.
Some people like to have separate accounts for online purchases only, that's one thing I do recommend to a lot of people.
get PayPal and you're good
Im sorry hunter, but I disagree. I have had more bad experiences with Paypal than any other online system. And its not isolated. On three seperate occasions they have locked me out of my paypal account for no apparent reason when it had hundreds of dollars on it. On the opposite hand, Newegg is the way to go for anything tech related, and I trust Amazon. Neither site has ever done wrong by me, and Ive spent well over a thousand at Newegg and probly half that at Amazon.
Always use a credit card when purchasing items online.
I love Amazon. Always had a good shopping experience with the free shipping and no sales taxes.... shhhh don't tell cali.
Paypal fucked me HARD. Fraud charge on my on acc for $300, I got it back and they locked me out for 2 weeks to make sure it was me. Wasn't happy with that. Amazon is pretty good. If you use PayPal + eBay, you're pretty safe if you ask for the refund.

Amazon is pretty good though, never ever once had a bad transaction, and you can just report it if you do. Amazon will take care of you.