loool I'll be in Vegas next Tuesday onto next Friday.

But on my 21st, I got shit-faced wasted; on my 22nd I got shitfaced wasted, and 23rd I stopped doing that shit hahaha.
You live and you learn, lol. Glad you figured out the porcelain god was no way to spend a birthday early on xD

el jorge loco

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Oh me getting shit faced does not mean puke, it just means I go to bed with indigestion. I handle my liquor quite well.

9 Sake Bombs, 2 AMFs and something orange colored.... passed out but not puking
Happy birthday, I puked the first 15 minutes at the bar we went to because my friends thought it would be funny to have the bartender mix up some disgusting concoction that I'm pretty sure included mop bucket water. Or at least that's what it tasted like going down...and then back up. Basically if you don't see it poured in front of you, don't drink it. Still have no idea what the hell was in that drink.
I went out for my 21st. Weirdly enough, I remembered all of it. It was my 22nd birthday that was the rough one...
One piece of advice, 19 beers and 9 shots(mostly tequila) in just under 3 hours, is NOT a good idea!
Hahaha thanks everyone. I'm already a little past buzzed. Hopefully it doesn't stop here. Have a great night... and keep the stories coming!