BANNED O.G. Ace Ronin (not ace ninja)

# 384 "O.G. Ace Ronin" STEAM_0:1:35240038 07:23 92 0 active

Toggling aimbot for sure. The previous round he peeked out of tuns and hs three guys within 2 seconds. Possible walls when he runs down to lower and sprays at the guy on the left. Don't know if a teammate spotted the CT on a map or if he was walling, but aimbot for sure.

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Ace Ninja had a convo with me about 4 or 5 minutes before this about how a hacker had been in the server but left. I didn't even notice. Ace thought I banned him or something (hint hint Ice, hook it up with that admin haha). Maybe this was the guy. I noticed him seconds after Ace Ninja left.