Noob Guide to starting Vent!!


The 47 Ronin
Here are the steps to setup your vent for our 47R Vent Server!!

1. Start up Vent
2. Go to User Name and click on the arrow
3. Press "New" and enter the name you desire to be on Vent
4. Go to Server and click the arrow
5. Press "New" and enter "The 47R Vent" or "The 47R Server"
6. Under Host/IP copy and paste:
7. Under Port copy and paste: 3070
8. Press Ok and see the ? Msg: Server is available. Press Connect
9. Press Connect
10. Congratz you are now on our Vent server!!

Double click on the channels you want to enter.
Go to Setup and adjust some settings like Push to Talk or Always on Talk etc.