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The 47 Ronin
I know this isn't the right crowd considering it's Intel-only graphics, but it seemed like a pretty good deal for the specs (good reviews too).

I'm about 95% happy with my Asus that I paid double ($899) for and the only pro my Asus has is being an Intel/Nvidia hybrid.

I give Dell props for not screwing with the 10-key. I don't know why Asus felt the need to cut the zero key in half and push the right arrow into that space, but it screws me up every time. :( Not a dealbreaker for those that don't work with numbers often, but having a 10-key on the right was my primary reason for buying a 15.6" since smaller laptops don't have'em.


47R|Source Division
The 47 Ronin
oh, not a bad deal at all, A-Rich. I'm tempted to get it for one of my lil cousins. The only thing I don't like is that its over 5lbs.