For Sale Nikon D50 with 28-300mm - $380

CRAIGSLIST ad with images here: Nikon D50 with 28-300mm

I have a D50 for sale. It's in good condition. It comes with a Sigma 28-300mm lens. The camera works perfectly fine, and comes with 2 batteries and a grip for extended battery life (by adding double A batteries). The reason for selling? I no longer need this camera. This would be a great camera for consumers who are interested in starting off with a DSLR but who aren't willing to spend over $1,000. The lens is a great all around lens, but a tripod is highly recommended at full zoom (300mm). I used it mostly with Nikkor series full manual lenses. The automatic motor works flawlessly. Included with this camera: a travel charger, and a high speed Sandisk 2gb card. Please do your research on the D50 for specs of the camera and the overall capabilities. The pictures are of the actual product.

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Reference link to information by Ken Rockwell: Nikon D50

CRAIGSLIST ad with images here: Nikon D50 with 28-300mm
Yea this isn't THAT bad of a deal... especially if you're curious about getting into a start DSLR kit.

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Like I was alluding to savage, the price you are offering is EXTREMELY reasonable for a DSLR. Even though the equipment and camera are slightly dated, most of the parts that are important (SD card, SLR lenses, etc.) can be replaced easily at your own leisure.

I hope someone picks this up man. I definitely would if I had the dough.


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if you cant find a buyer i can give you 250 for it pm me if interested my only issue about buying a used camera is the condition of little things ie the battery (battery life/overcharged), the Amount of photos taken with the camera, and lens condition