NFL Week 5 Predictions!


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Whoever takes Luck will be very impressed by this kid.
He is extremely accurate and he can play in the west coast offense very well.

The SF 49'ers with him would do great.

I honestly would love to have Luck in a Patriots uniform and learn from the best Tom Brady.
Tom will eventually slow down in another 2 years...
Look at Matt Cassel he did great with the Patriots when Tom went down and we still went 11-5.
You just need a good o-line and a good QB to make your team special.

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I believe i got 13 last week. <cough eat me cough>

no @ car
kc @ ind
phi @ buf
sea @ nyg
cin @ jac
ten @ pit
oak @ hou
ari @ min
tb @ sf
nyj @ ne
sd @ den
gb @ atl
chi @ det


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Oh look at everyone but me who had the Seahawks losing, they won! They should of blown the Giants out by 21+ points. Should of won last week against the Falcons but missed the Field Goal, I think this is the win they needed. A good game.


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Yeah, the new coach is doing a great job and Alex Smith really looks like a first round pick too.
Everyone believes in this coach, the whole team is sold on this coach.
Man Jim Harbaugh really brought this franchise back up to date. 4-1?
Wins over TB, Eagles...those teams are no joke.
The Cowboy loss was crap, the boys deserved to lose that game.

Anyways, I am not a 49er fan but I have a lot of friends that are and I am very happy for them!