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Nfl trash talk!!!!

Yeah dude, I know all major sports clubs give back to their communities, but I think that's what is cool about the smaller market teams like the Packers and the Brewers, I think they are tied to their fans even more so than the larger market teams. Especially with the Packers due to the fact they are owned by the town and have no principal owner. Lots of tradition to uphold. Outside the NFC North, most Green Bay fans aren't too annoying towards other teams, to most of us, the world ends 500 miles from home. Lol
@ Icewolf...really man...really? I hope you're from that region to like such a ridiculous team...lol Congratz on nabbing Chad 85, maybe he can finally stop underachieving...
@ Cowboy... The Viks gave up on Ponder already... No good things can come from this season for you I'm afraid...

Hamas Fatah

Is it too early to plan for a Superbowl party?

Patriots are taking it. Although I do think Ochocinco is washed up, I'm hoping Brady can rejuvenate him.

Can't wait for the games to start. Fat Albert, Vince Wilfork, and either of the Warrens at left tackle... Mmmmm.