Nfl trash talk!!!!


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your mother is lame, too! lol

midget - after losing baas, we need a center... BAD. AND, we could really use nnamdi... i have all my fingers, toes and eyes crossed to pick him up... i think he's gonna end up on the jets tho :(
I'm liking the way my Pack is sitting, don't really neeeeed anyone, but a young corner or safety would be nice. the AFC looks co Peter vet is year, so I don't know who will come outta that conference, but my NFC Champ game is between the Falcons and Packers. packers winning of course! I just don't see any more dominant teams in the NFC...
@ Doob; Sorry man, September is my fav month of the year. College and pro football, and baseball going into the post season, always something to watch.


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sex8, you're right about my team... unfortunately. great talent, great turmoil, great underachievement, great disappointment. i still want to yell at you tho haha but steelers are my 2nd favorite team (i grew up in late 70's, early 80's) so i guess we can still be friends

at least till regular season starts :p

burger, i used to hate the pack 'till had the opportunity to work with a guy from green bay (his fam has season tickets and everything!). we used to talk football a lot. i learned to respect what the packers mean to their fans and the cool shit the players do with/for their local community - like the annual kids' bike ride, for instance. i can't help but like them for that

at least till the regular season starts :p

ice, your team picked up a really good player (and fucked-up human being) in haynesworth - does the NE d run a 4-3?

spache... mcnabb? really? favre go byebye. lost rice. peterson's gone next year. is chilly still the coach over there? what's goin' on with the purple people eaters these days?