NFL 2011 Season!

el jorge loco

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The problem is twofold, but based on the same issue.

The two problems being the NFL organization and the NFL players union.

The same base issue is Greed.

The NFL Organization over the past two-three decades has been very stringent upon the use of their franchise from lawsuits against the National Forensics League for use of the acronym NFL to the use of "The Big Game" by colleges and high schools. Some were worthy causes to protect their image, but mostly it was out of pure Greed by the NFL. After all, the organization makes their money off licensing. Individual teams make their money off the actual value of players and victory.

Players aren't necessarily greedy, but at a certain point you have to wonder if they're just whining over a million dollars on a multi-million dollar contract with their respective teams.

Who gets hurt in the end? Fans, draft picks, college/high school players with aspirations to play big. It's time for the NFL and the players unions to balls up and get the game going.
I know people say it's millionaires arguing with billionaires, which is true but the owners don't make much money off the NFL, they made it all before owning the teams.

Now if I was making millions of dollars for being the best at something only couple of hundred people can do, and they told me I needed to take a pay cut, I'd be pissed too.
They will have football, the peers cannot afford to miss an entire season if they are bitching this much about paying players and not getting paid...whiners...
In other news, my buddy and I are pretty sure we smoked the Packers all the way to the Superbowl last year...we are preparing to do so again...


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If they are conserned about revenue then the deal should be in the final drafting stage by next week with need for approval from the players which could take another week maybe 2 which would meen that they get 1 or 2 weeks of training camp prior to start of preseason. I am betting on the first few game getting delayed but not canceled due to labor negotations taking long than "expected".