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HOLY FUCK NUGGETS i am pissed after reading this

NFL Power Rankings, Week 3: Chargers soar; Seahawks tumble - NFL.com

really? REALLY? from dominating the 1 powerranking pre-season, plus week one, then falling to SEVEN?! i'll be the first to admit san diego outplayed us and good game....

but for real, i hope you all enjoy watching my hawks stomp the broncos and go back to number one seed this sunday. dropping 6 places is a fucking joke.

ADDING TO IT patriots and packers are way up the chart to? nfl.com there's a reason your not the prime sportscast network my god


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Russell Wilson would only be a bench option for my fantasy team. Seattle is a great team. But let's be real, a massive part of their success is due to their defense. With the exception of Lynch, Seattle's other offensive players are alright. And this is coming from someone who has Percy Harvin starting on their fantasy team.

Just my opinion, but I am obviously biased. If New England's rookies on defense step up to the plate and our offense stays healthy, we will have no problem winning our division and hopefully making a run in the playoffs.
i'm biased too, since i have a pic/autograph with doug baldwin on my hawks offense... but for real, BALWDIN has made AMAZING clutch plays, other than that i agree nothing much. (besides his shining before the wilson era '10-'12)

but this previous weekend loss in san diego, Kearse showed up and made some great catches. i really want to see a patriot vs seahawk matchup and i honestly think that would be the most entertaining super bowl ever. (technically broncos vs. seahawks was most watched though XD)

last time patriots and seahawks played, wilson barely pulled out a win, and it was his 'coming out game.' anyone who says brady is out of gas is as retarded as the people who said manning was done.

lets get some GOOD GAMES ON


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so some genious put this together online today:

The NFL's All-Domestic Violence Team:

QB: Warren Moon

RB: Ray Rice
Jonathan Dwyer
Chris Rainey
Ahman Green
Corey Dillon

WR: Chad Johnson
Dez Bryant
Brandon Marshall
Santonio Holmes

CB: A.J. Jefferson
Fabian Washington
Samari Rolle

DE: Ray McDonald
Greg Hardy
Will Smith
Frostee Rucker

LB: Daryl Washington
Leroy Hill
Shawne Merriman
James Harrison

DT: Rocky Bernard
Dana Stubblefield

S: Donte Whitner

That team's winning the Super Bowl every year...


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wow. that seahawks broncos game was good, definetly how the super bowl should've gone.. pshh jk


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I was very nervous for the Cowboys this season, but the way they have been running the ball and their defense gelling the way that they have, I have to say, I think they might have a shot at the playoffs this year. As long as they keep pounding the rock though.