New website look!

What color do you like?

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I also believe a lighter (not all white) background might be better.
Makes text and everything else easier to find.
Where on the darker template it makes it hard to find specific posts or threads.


The 47 Ronin
GameKiller is pretty similar to what we used to have. I say bring in the light!
are u kidding me? I open'd up my eyes and saw the sun, no not the song either. lol, that shit is bright. I wont be on the forums much without my free pair of sunglasses from 47r xD


The 47 Ronin
Popular or not Ice, we should go with something the community wants, the vote wins blue and black, and your now changing it to blue and white which is not even up there. granted it looks way better then it did before, and this is coming out of your pocket im not complaining.