New website look!

What color do you like?

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Please leave a feedback on our new website layout and style!
Also I am making a poll!
Would you rather see the website stay green or would you rather see it blue and black or red and black?
If you would like something changed please leave a feedback on this thread!
I feel like the green is kind of hard to sift through the different bold and non bold text... like if the thread is new or not, sometimes I have trouble with that.. but thats just my opinion.
Anyways, do you guys rather stay with green or go with blue?
I say blue, or even maybe like a very light blue-ish grey kind of color, like the color thats in your 47ronin signature where the jet is flying, right above that, that would be a nice color in contrast of the black. but Im not sure if we could get that kind of color.


The 47 Ronin
I say blue because it's my favorite base color, but please pick a light shade of blue to contrast with the black. The theme is dark enough as it is.