New PC_Quote...Hit me up George!

LOL I miss all you fatties! Kinda feels like I was out on parole and heading back to Cell block 4...I can't wait to get re-inniated back into the rotation by Enixke. F(*% the lube. Bring it strong big boy. The rest of you...prepare for the Kang Bang Train to be coming at you. I just need George to hit me back so I can get this party started.

To the fellas that do not know me...your better off.
HOLY SHIT MY HERO!!!! I miss you KANG!!! Lets have another meet up with the "Frat" yeah?
I hope things are well for you...Tell Midget I need him to pose for my XMAS greeting cards this year. My normal ELF guy is out with Mono after fooling around w/some gravy stained, drug hick, wanna be biker, from Oakland. I believe his name was like Macaroni or something like that. Holla!
Fuck you KANG, think you can just walk back into our lives. Me and Mackatoni will mess you up.
Don't act like we haven't hung out mentally every night. What did I say about acting tough in public...anyways reinstall SIMS so we can hang out in our favorite Club
Sausage Kings of Canada. PS your f'ing Icon thingy ma jig is my new slogan. I want to tattoo it on my belly but my Air Brushed 6 pack needs to fully fade out.