New MW3 Game mode announced!


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New in MW3 Multiplayer

All-new game mode called Kill Confirmed.
This mode uses Team Deathmatch as a template and alters the scoring system in a few clever ways. Basically, if you get killed, you drop a set of dog tags. If you pick up the dog tags from a recently killed enemy player, your team gets points, and if you pick up the dog tags from a fallen teammate, you deny the other team the chance to get the points for that kill. So while you get all the usual XP for killing someone, the act of taking someone down doesn't have any influence over the outcome of the match: it's all about confirming that kill by picking up dog tags.

The scoring system in Kill Confirmed winds up creating some interesting new potential for strategy you wouldn't otherwise see in a standard game of Team Deathmatch. You can create specialized roles, like someone focused purely on killing enemies from afar, complemented by others whose job it is to rush into combat zones and try to snag as many dog tags as they can before falling victim to a flurry of bullets. Or you can just try to grief the other team and only go after the dog tags of your teammates. For a variation on Team Deathmatch, there are a lot of different approaches you can take.
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